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Some of you may follow my blog because of the music I post, others may have found their way through culture (ie. Bulgaria). Some of you have found your way to my blog to find inspiration, others have found because of spirituality. No matter the way you have found your way here, or even if you’re a regular visitor, or just found the site by accident, I’m thankful that you are here now!


I feel there is a bigger purpose to this blog, and hopefully it will become something I’ve been dreaming of. As the story goes, no one starts at the top, but you actually have to work your way to the top – some have a harder path than the others. I’m developing something of my own as we speak, and it has started because of this blog.


I’ve been wrecking my brain how to start it all when the answer has been right in front of my eyes! So to take the next step in the natural development of this wonderful place I can call home, here’s what I’m offering to you starting now.


I am an intuitive healer. What that means to me, is I’m someone who is very sensitive to the energies that are around me. I’m very empathetic and sympathetic. I use my intuition (my gut) to guide me in my daily life. I’m also a healer – I’ve learned that in most of my past lives, I’ve been healing others in various ways, may it be that I was a surgeon doing complicated surgeries or I’ve used eastern medicine to help heal others, I’ve even used acupuncture and Reiki. My core has always stayed the same, it’s just the methods I’ve used has changed each lifetime. This lifetime, I help people heal their souls. I heal through energy and vibrations. Many times, you need a some fancy degree to be able to heal people, and sure enough you would want your surgeon to know what they’re doing. I have completely taught myself though, which doesn’t limit my skills and abilities nor makes it any less valid.


I have gained my confidence through starting with helping my friends and relatives. I’ve gone online to find ways to help strangers who are in need. I’ve been on forums, I’ve done it face-to-face for family and friends, I’ve asked through facebook if someone might want this. I find it that there is always someone who needs a confidence boost, to pick them up when their whole lives has been shattered, or needed help through difficult times when someone has passed away.


And now, I want to help you. Whatever it is that you may need help or assistant with in your life, I am here to help you. My services are free of charge! 

What I offer

  • Tarot readings
    I use a variety of tarot decks when doing readings. It’s case-specific. Tarot cards are a helpful tool to give guidance when needed or to get an overview look on your life.
  • Intuitive readings
    With intuitive readings, I use my intuition the most. I may use other divination tools (tarot, stones) but my intuition is what I will rely on the most.
  • Dream analysis readings
    I will help you understand what your dream means, and the symbols that have been present in your dream.
  • Spiritual counselling
    If you have any questions concerning anything spiritual, I will answer them best to my abilities. I will help you to get de-stressed from your daily life, with meditation, how to calm your mind, support you in any way possible I can.


All  of your personal details, the readings, and everything else are strictly confidential! You can think of me as a doctor for your soul, even with being confidential.


If you are interested, please send me an email to If you know someone who might need help, please tell them. You can also tell me of your doubts, concerns, ask how I work – anything at all. Everything is case-specific. Don’t hesitate nor be shy!


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