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If you look for love you won’t find it because love is never lost

As new characters come into my life, new perspectives follow. Something that I’ve been made aware of as of late, has been being in an open relationship. In one of … Continue reading

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Maybe it was destiny

As I lay awake at night In the bed so cold With no one to cuddle, No one to hold Not interested in anyone But you You’re the one I … Continue reading

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Moonlight sky

Your lips ever so soft Touching mine tenderly Vibrations going through All over my body Temperature rising As the moon lights the sky Rain drops sound so soft I take … Continue reading

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So you tried, to believe in the castle made of sand

Am I a masochist for when I feel pain, I feel alive? Am I a narcissist when I talk about myself and see the world from my perspective? Am I … Continue reading

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How SO-ME can ruin your relationship

As new words arise in this world, including twerk and selfie in English, Finland has created some (pronounced something like so-may) meaning social media. Maybe I’m crazy but it could work for English as well. … Continue reading

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Breaking Walls

Never should have met you that night Drawn to you, connected instantly Since then my life has not been same You’ve changed me, my perspective   Thank you for showing … Continue reading

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The greatest thing you’ll ever do is to love + be loved in return

Question that has been looming over my head lately has been if I believe in marriage. For the first time in my life, marriage could be possible should the right … Continue reading

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