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Life isn’t about finding yourself/Life is about creating yourself

As the year changed to a new number, I realized how much I was lacking passion in my life. Falling in a bit depressive whole again, I had to re-evaluate my life. Only telling a few what was really going on, this was time for me to go within to find what it is that keeps putting me to such a state. Yes, money is a part of it. Yes, there are other factors involved. They’re only a few pieces of the puzzle. So, I really had to dig deep what was going on before I fall further into the dip and it’s harder to get out of there.

Suddenly, it hit me like a lightning, I need to kick fear in the butt to keep me from fulfilling my heart’s desires. If my heart isn’t something I do in my life, I fall in this black hole. This is where the battle of ego versus heart happens – to be responsible enough to have a steady lifestyle, which doesn’t necessarily interest you one bit but accept it because it’s the thing our parents have taught us, or finding the thing you know you’re good at and passionate about to materialize in this world even though it is a risky move to make and may not be as stable decision but you’d be happy doing what you do.

We have already entered the half mark of the year, and I’ve figured out this year’s theme is balance. The question remains, how do I manage still having (financial) stability while figuring out my passion in life and once figured, to bring that dream alive?

So with a lot of reflection, self-search, evaluation and a long weekend alone with a few happenings amongst friends, I was finally able to write down all the possibilities of what could be done to increase my motivation for life. I wrote it all down, thoughts and even the most impossible dream I have. This cleared my mind and gave me new perspective. Some might write a pro-con list for each but I went through it in my head. This is the time when I needed something else to think about, to be more accurate not think at all, so arranged few things to do with friends. In order to gain perspective, there are times when we should step back. Somehow, naturally I’ve started to do things intuitively – I just know what should be done,  have stopped questioning it and just do it.

Upon gaining perspective and knowledge on what is realistic for me to do, one morning I knew exactly what I need to be doing to find my passion for life again. Since then, I’ve been on that path and more focused than ever. I’ve not lost momentum but kept things moving in the right direction. And you know what, it feels so amazing to be on this journey.

The advice I’d give to someone who is struggling with daily life, would be;
– Don’t worry about tomorrow for it will come… tomorrow. What can you do right now, in this moment, to make you feel happy and content?

– If you notice a certain cycle is repeating in your life, ask yourself why that keeps happening. Make connections with the small things to come to the core of the issue.

– Dig deep honey, it might hurt, it might be the darkest, most scariest place to go to but know that you will have to in order to find yourself again.

– Write down all the things you want to do in life, anything and everything. Even the most impossible dreams you may have (someday, you might realize, it wasn’t as impossible as you initially thought). This will help clear your mind and sort it out, much like cleaning a messy cabinet.

– Leave it for a moment. Do something else, which will make you think about other things. Such as being with friends, working out, whatever suits you.

– Write a pro-con list of each possibility, alternatively (if you do not like writing the pro-con list, like me) think about it in your mind which aspects weighs most for you. Think of all the possible options of each dream. Let your mind loose and play around, it is your playground and you can make the rules.

– Trust your intuition, the gut feeling, that most inner desire to wherever you are being pulled towards. Give room to Universe to fill this dream, give it time and be open to receive the answers. Universe is humorous, it might give you tips in the most unexpected way by just finding an article to read, talking to a stranger who knows about the subject/field. It could be in any shape or form.

– Whilst in the process, keep trusting that intuition. If you feel the sudden urge to develop/do something regarding your future, do it immediately when you can. Don’t postpone it. ..because, why postpone?

The last advice I’ve thoroughly taken into account in everything I do. Starting from my business plan, talking about it with a few friends. Knowing when it’s time to focus on another aspect, such as the work itself. When to put all of it in the back burner to simmer while focusing on other things. Even how to do research on the things which I want written in black and white (for the Business Plan).

Right in this moment, I feel ecstatic that I’m confident enough to announce my lifelong dream, the thing which brightens each of my rainy days (and believe me, Irish days mainly are rainy). This has been a long time coming, and it’s taken awhile to develop to its current form. Everything suddenly has fallen in its place. I may have the occasional moody day but the following day I usually use it for motivation to work harder, to achieve my goals.

Oh, so you do want to know what I’ve decided to do with my life? Well, I’m starting my own photography business. It is such a scary thing to do however, the rewards of it are tremendous. With few years of experience, I now feel it’s the right time to establish myself professionally as a photographer. I’ve set up my facebook page already, as social media is a huge factor in today’s business. My logo/website is in the works. I’m loving each moment I get, it’s so thrilling to see it coming together. Even when the workload does not seem to get any lesser.


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