The Daily Visual Inspiration

The visual things that inspire me daily


Could have been something
But you were too afraid
Thinking I’m too dramatic
It was never about drama
But how this baby mama
Had, wanted, wished you around

Not a day goes by, not even a day
You dont cross my mind
Wondering what you’ve been up to
How you been
But you weren’t ready,
You were too macho
I wouldn’t take your bullshit
Not letting you walk all over
Yet didn’t want you to leave by me

Listened to you, your intimate story
Had a connection, even after all these years
I Was honored to find a good friend in you
Your story so inspiring
Though it was more than that
Neither willing to admit this
What was in the air that night

You Were drawn to me, I was drawn to you
Always happy to hear from you
As my heart skipped a beat
Every time I heard your voice
Heard you spit a rhyme or two
Each beat you created, let me hear
Doing your thing, it felt inspiring

Challenging me in ways no one has
Creativity runs through your veins
You Know exactly what you want
Drew from that, grew stronger
Music uniting us, teaching new ways
The impact you had, you don’t even realize

The importance you have played
I didn’t even know the influence
We could play in each others lives
Now gone, not forever
But for this moment, all I wanna tell you, I miss you. Just us two
Involved in the daily life
Cannot rush you, don’t want to
Make you run further
Patiently waiting for your next move

What have you been up to?
Do I ever cross your mind too?
Would you admit we had something?
Even if it wasn’t the right timing?
Why were you drawn to me the night
I came over to your brother’s?
Could we inspire one another?
Can you become part of my life once more?

© Sara H. All rights reserved. December 2014.


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