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Anybody could be bad to u, u need a good girl to blow your mind

One of my good friends with tremendous amount of experience in life, told me once, sex is really powerful. When it’s good, it’s amazing! Naive as I was, I didn’t want to see how much power it holds. When I saw another friend of mine before and after a weekend of fun and fooling around, basically doing it non-stop, I saw the change in him. He was more confident than I’ve ever seen him! That’s when I realized the power of sex holds, I could no longer deny it. It’s been stuck on my mind ever since.

This past summer has changed me. I knew I may get a bit wild with experimenting and experiencing new things. I always said I could never have one night stand and I’ve even tried to convince myself I haven’t. Because I’ve needed to know the person more. Because I’ve kept seeing him. Truth is, with most it’s only been about sex. And some just have been one night stands. I just need to accept it as it is without trying sugarcoat it. I don’t want anyone to sugarcoat things for me, why would I allow myself to do it?

My Little Pony collection has grown, and for a bigger challenge than focusing on one continent or trying to collect one from each continent, they’ve been put in smaller parts. This is the joke my best friend and I have created. We have to see humor in everything. However, I do notice a pattern over the guys I’ve seen. They generally seem to be the alpha males, ones who need to take charge in certain things but then are unable to make any final decisions on other things. Especially when it is regarding emotional availability. This is something that I have not understood, and most likely will never even understand.

My naive side will fall for it each time though. I keep on giving them more than I probably should, in the hopes of getting the same back. It hasn’t been the same amount of passion on both sides, I seem to have been the one giving more than receiving. And each time, itseems to be just as big of a fall as the previous time, when my friends need to pick up the pieces this one particular person has torn me into.

The thing is, I haven’t learned my lesson, or I keep on being hopeful. At the same token, as fast as I can infatuate on a person, I get over them, and move on. Just like I did with the two people I was describing in some of my previous posts. Which is why, I keep my options open. I will always have a favorite but till the day I’m committed, I will continue seeing a few different people at a time. It is also the way I protect myself. Also, I enjoy being entertained this way. I have always enjoyed flirting as well, which seems to come out wherever I go, especially as of late.

My closest friends know exactly who I’m into at the moment, when I’m freaking out over someone or something that someone said. It’s funny now that I think of it, my previous relationship seemed to be easier to let go of than some of these guys. I mean, eventually, I’ll get over them it just takes me a little while to stop thinking of them. Even if I’ve found a new person to focus on.

Furthermore, it’s an uplift to your self-esteem to get attention from the opposite gender (why not even same gender). When someone shows interest in you, it’s only an ego boost. It makes you feel good. Gives you confidence. Your whole body language changes, not only do you feel empowered, you look it too. Which seems to attract people to you. There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness – one is positive, the other is negative. You don’t need to be rude to people but you can show them what you want and that you love yourself. You feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ll start noticing the attention you’ll get, especially from the opposite gender as they are intrigued by this new found confidence. You’ve suddenly become mysterious.


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