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I’m gonna love you, until you hate me

I came across this awhile back, a friend of mine posted it on their facebook. I wanted to share it as it describes the way most Finns love. I happen to agree with this quote one hundred percent.

A Finnish wife asks her husband, why he doesn’t say “I love you” more to her. The husband replies: “I told you that, when we started to be together, and trust me, I’ll inform you the minute it changes. Till that time, you should think of it as a given.” (The latter sentence is added, in case this Finn is unordinarily romantic.)


People tend to say, that there’s too little love in this world nowadays, so they use the words “I love you” all the time, and think that it creates love more. True love is still built on trust, that doesn’t have to be proven with words. Therefore one could say, that even if we Finns don’t generally appear romantic in the word’s modern sense, we actually still have an exceptional ability to trust people genuinely, so we focus our “romantic energy” in building the environment for the love.


So, yes, I think the concept of movie-like love still exists, but it doesn’t lie on the “I love you” text messages, tweets and fb updates etc., it lies in the ability of building the environment and the future for your shared love. When people love and trust each other, like soulmates, they don’t have to say it, they just know.


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